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Astra g ecu reset

SOLVED!!! ECU ECM No Communication FREE fix!!

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Filter 1. Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now. Vauxhall Opel Astra 1.

Hot this week. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. View: Gallery view. List view. Vauxhall Astra Diesel 1.

Vauxhall Astra J MK6 1. See similar items. Vauxhall Astra Zafira 1. Opel Vauxhall Astra Zafira 1. Vauxhall astra j 1. Vauxhall Astra K 1.

Vauxhall Astra Automatic 1. Only 1 left. Reset Vauxhall Astra 1. Vauxhall Astra H 1.This ABS pump is a very common failure for the Corsa D built between andcausing complete loss of braking to the left front brake caliper Will prevent the vehicle from starting or cranking.

Internal malfunction will also prevent direct communications to the engine management system. Very common failing engine ECU for the 1. Common failing electric power steering column that causes loss of power steering, EPS light on and fault codes stored for "power steering torque sensor" or "steering position sensor" This ECU is a common problem for the above vehicles fitted with the 1.

Very common problem for the 1. Common fault for all Vauxhall Easytronic transmissions, normally causes the engine not to start with the "F" sign in the middle of the dash. Causes loss of power steering in one or both direction, normally starts out as an intermittent fault but always becomes more permanent with time.

This Corsa C Electric power steering column is a very common failure, usually causes the steering to go heavy when turning left or right. After this the engine will simply refuse to start until the internal fault has been rectified All NHS staff, emergency workers, care workers and delivery drivers will receive priority turnaround on their units.

English English Italiano. You are here: Home Common Faults Vauxhall. Read More. Astra J ABS malfunction. Vauxhall 1. Vauxhall Astra Roof Controller. ECU Engine Management. Diesel Pump EDC. All Rights Reserved.Our established family run business offers automotive services at great rates. Our roles include MOT's, servicing, electrical work, brakes steering and suspenison, tyres, clutch and gearbox repairs and anything a bit crazy.

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How use OPCOM to reset and reprogram Vauxhall Astra H ECU?

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astra g ecu reset

This seems a little bit too much, and it might be because I'm really a new to driving. A friend, who also has the same car told me, that it probably consumes more, because I have not reset the car when I bought, and it is "not used" to my driving style. He told me to take the battery out, and put it back 20 minutes later, then drive around in low traffic for 20 minutes. Would this really cause better settings in fuel consumption? I don't know too much about cars, and I don't understand how this would work.

So it definitely had some effect. I'll update again when I have enough data about fuel. Yes, a reset could work, if the problem is that the ECU is used to the previous driver's driving style and his style was vastly different to your's.

But it could also just be the way you drive. Do you drive more like Morgan Freeman or Vin Diesel? These cars are quite heavy on the juice in city driving. With mine, I get about 7. It really does depend on how much time you spend going slow in lower gears versus going fast in top gear.

Also, the 1. You would probably find that the 1. I don't see it helping any. The long term fuel trims on modern cars will adapt to conditions within 15 minutes of driving, and even those only have a minor impact. The short term fuel trims that have the most impact adapt pretty much instantly hence the "short term". All that said, resetting the ECU is easy, so feel free to go for it and let us know what happens. I get slightly better gas mileage on that tank because the car was running too lean until it relearned the fuel trims I don't think a battery reset can improve your fuel economy.

But do check whether the battery is working properly. Read this link here to get an idea of how to improve your fuel economy. Disconnecting the battery on your car will do nothing to improve fuel consumption. Driving the vehicle will then reset fuel trims to minimise engine emissions and consumption using the oxygen sensors, and anti-knock sensor for maximum ignition advance. A check on the oxygen sensor switching and voltages will tell you if it aged or not. Renewing an aged sensor will improve MPG, but the sensors can last from around 50, miles to several times that mileage.

astra g ecu reset

Switching speeds and voltages are the key. If the knock sensor is out then you will have pinking. The accelerator pedal position sensor speed of application will affect injector opening times, longer injection opening times-more fuel used. The differance between the fuel consumption between differant drivers is dependant on their sensitivity to their driving style. Gentle acceleration, anticipation for gentle braking, good maintenance of the vehicle, even down to the correct oil in the engine as modern low-viscosity oils lend themselves to MPG, tyre pressures correct, any unnecessary 'luggage' in the boot removed and anything like roof-boxes removed so that the tractive effort of the vehicle is at a minimum all go towards an optimum MPG.

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Results 1 to 11 of Thread: how do I reset ecu opel z16xe? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Answer is on here, thanks to our friend, with the 'F' fetish. Originally Posted by daewo Older version??? Which version? OP-COM version. I use german version.

astra g ecu reset

Or not you will have to use the long proceture For that do some research here on forum you will see the proceture post on other post Thanks Ash. Oh yes if my post was helpful than Please don 't forget to press the Magic word Thanks. I thing daewo has the pin code of the broken ECU car ,but needs code from second hand ECU that need to reset it first in order to mach with the immobilizer of the car.

I did it many times. Thursday I go to the garage, and you try this procedure, if it works,I will post. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is PM. Digital Kaos does not condone any illegal operations, including obtaining premium tv for free. Digital Kaos does not accept responsibilty for the loss of any equipment used. Everything discussed on this forum is for experimental and educational purposes only. Use the information at your own risk.You should get the Car Pass from the dealer, or the previous owner, along with all the vehicle papers owners manual, service book, etc.

It contains the VIN, security codethe engine type, radio code, etc. If you do not have the Car Pass, you should visit the dealer, where you can request a new Car Pass.

It costs you some money, but at least you will get the security code. First, you can easily check that the vehicle is immobiliser equipped. You can easily verify the correct operation, or the state of the Immobiliser, please click on the [ Measuring Blocks ] button.

The security wait time is also important, because when a wrong security code has been entered, the system will lock up itself, for some time.

Site has been suspended!

In that case, you have to wait, and try again only, if the Security Wait Time is inactive here. Possible values can be anything from 10 seconds, to 21 hours! If you somehow managed to create a long Security wait time, please connect a battery charger to the car, and leave the ignition on. This function does not require any security code, and you can read out the vehicle VIN, and the MKN for identification purposes. When a wrong security code has been entered, the program notifies you, and all the relevant options will be grayed out.

This function will set back the immobiliser ECU to its factory default state. Prior to replace, you have to reset the immobiliser back to its factory default state. In this way, you can install it into another car. This will also erase all transponder keys. After the reset is done, you can verify in the measuring blocks, that all key entries erased successfully.

astra g ecu reset

This function will set back the Engine Control Module to its factory default state. Prior to replace, you have to reset it back to its factory default state. You can verify the state of the engine ECU immobiliser in the measuring blocks information. Each factory default state Engine ECU has some limited running time, without immobiliser max 10 attempts to be exact.

opel astra G ecu swap - Solved

After that number, the Engine ECU will lock itself, and no more start is allowed without a fully functioning immobiliser. The arming of the immobiliser has some delay usually minso within five or ten minutes, you may be able to start the car. But after this delay expires, you wont be able to start the engine at all, as the immobiliser will lock the vehicle. With this function, you can erase all transponder keys.Most cars are intended to drive in different areas of the world, by men and women of different ages, and levels of driving skills.

Different car models can operate at different temperature, terrains and altitudes, and they use varying fuels with different purity and octane ratings. That being said, the ECU or Electronic Control Unit of cars is pre-set to suit the requirements of all, and it can be adapted to the individual driving style of its owners. First of all, it is important to understand what an ECU system is and what it does in your car. This RAM is backed-up by a battery, so that it remains saved even when the engine is off.

This means that it reads the saved values every time you turn on your engine, and starts from there only, instead of starting from zero. When you decide to reset your ECU systemyou intend to clear all the saved logs and long term memory that your ECU system has till date. These logs include idle speed, spark, fuel etc. Trouble codes are also saved in the ECU system for diagnostic purposes.

When you reset your ECU, you will set these values to a neutral default, and also clear all the saved trouble codes. Now that you have made up your mind to reset your ECU systemjust follow these instructions and be safe:. The basic step towards resetting the ECU system is to remove the backup power source altogether. To keep the values saved, cars have a fuse that goes right into the battery. Usually, this is the same fuse and line that powers up your radio. Instead of opening your bonnet and removing the earth lead, you can also disconnect the battery from your car by pulling the fuse that powers up your radio or footlights.

You can find this fuse near your fuse box, usually on the lower right hand side of your footlight controls. Follow these step by step instructions for this method:. Once you have reset your ECU systemit is important to drive the car for around 30 minutes to educate it about your driving style. Whether you are interested in increasing its performance or making your car more flexible and economical, drive it in the same style and your ECU system will adapt to your individual driving style.

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